1. Plays: 514

    Historia De Una Amor by Eddie Higgins Trio

    (Source: metaphorformetaphor)

  2. Plays: 588

    Breathe In by Emil Brandqvist Trio & Sjoströmska String Quartet 

  3. Plays: 44

    It is not meant to be by Tame Impala

    I am now (probably) flying over Turkey, from western coast to northern coast. 

  4. Plays: 30

    Rocksteady by Aretha Franklin 

    I have amazing ideas on re-building my bike. Photos will follow starting from  my wedding and the honeymoon ;)

  5. Plays: 62

    Take me with you by Morphine

  6. Plays: 54

    Weight of the World by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

    I had actually given up blogging. But after I had given up, the number of my followers increased interestingly. I honestly haven’t got motivated but the next coming posts will be for my new followers, if they care. 

  7. Plays: 873

    Man In The Fog by Jan Lundgren

    (Source: beneetu)

  8. Plays: 179

    Ta ksena xeria by Imam Baildi

  9. Plays: 59

    La Gondole Barcarolle

    Composer: Sultan Abdulaziz (32nd Sultan of Ottoman Empire)

    Performance: London Academy of Ottoman Court Music

  10. Plays: 59

    The Right to Love You by The Mighty Hannibal

  11. Plays: 89

    Featherstone by The Paper Kites

  12. Plays: 89

    This Language by Stateless

  13. Plays: 41

    Black Cab by Jens Lekman

  14. Plays: 49

    Drug Song by Janko Nilovic

  15. Plays: 33

    Running by Baby Huey