1. Plays: 222

    Movement XIV: We had no Morphia by Bark Cat Bark

    we had no morphia

    ooo morpheus morpheus! şarkı bitiyor sanma, dinlemeye devam et.

  2. Plays: 86

    Walk Away by Ficci x Tanya Batt

  3. Plays: 68

    Wittgenstein’s Arm by Neil Halstead

  4. Plays: 122

    Blues in C Sharp Minor by Roy Eldridge 

  5. Plays: 68

    Кай кожонг by Altai Kai 

  6. Plays: 42

    You Won’t Be Missing That Part Of Me by Melody’s Echo Chamber

  7. Plays: 121

    Balkan Bollywood by New York Gypsy All Stars

  8. This is my solution to rainy days in North Rhine-Westphalia. This cell cost about 80 Euros, including bike racks. But I paid more because of some wrong calculations. Damn you Math! or Geometry? I would have paid even more if my wife hadn’t helped me :)

    It is really comfortable to ride. The visibility is not bad, even when it’s raining. A really heavy wind may be a problem but haven’t tried it on a very windy day. Just a bit shameful when all people turn and look at you. This is the only disadvantage. 

    Let’s name this: “civilisation created with zipties" or "mit den Kabelbinder geschaffene Zivilization

  9. Plays: 109

    Nemesis by Aaron Parks

  10. Plays: 458

    Prelude 13 by Ketil Bjørnstad 

    Listen to these melodies from Bjørnstad, who is a poet&writer as well.



    (Source: de-salva)

  11. Plays: 302

    So Good At Being In Trouble by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

  12. Plays: 534

    My Polish Heart by Marek Jakubowski Trio

    (Source: jujusjazz)

  13. Plays: 54

    Uzaklara by Rubato 

    "Even in my dreams you have denied yourself to me

    You have sent me only your handmaids.”

  14. Plays: 250


    Fikrimin İnce Gülü

    Composer: Muâllim İsmail Hakkı Bey.

    This song, in my opinion, is one of the greatest cliché of the Turkish music history. It has been sung and played by so many Turkish and Greek artists. I haven’t found out, which band is playing at this record but it is great!

    It was of course played in my wedding ceremony.

  15. Plays: 322

    Con Toda Palabra by Lhasa de Sela