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    Fikrimin İnce Gülü

    Composer: Muâllim İsmail Hakkı Bey.

    This song, in my opinion, is one of the greatest cliché of the Turkish music history. It has been sung and played by so many Turkish and Greek artists. I haven’t found out, which band is playing at this record but it is great!

    It was of course played in my wedding ceremony.

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    Con Toda Palabra by Lhasa de Sela

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    Days to Come by Bonobo

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    Mono Human by Curly Camel

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    Elixir! by Axiom of Choice

    Axiom of Choice is a mathematical equation as probably most of you know; however I do not. For my mathematical knowledge, there have been some times when I find 12 after adding 4 to 7. Adding any number to 7 has always been very difficult for me. I do not want to talk about even multiplying any number with 7. Anyway…

    In this song, we hear the great charming voice of Mamak Khadem, who is one the most powerful female singers of world trance music. 


    Loga Ramin Torkian: guitarist, lutist, composer

    Mamak Khadem: vocalist

    Ruben Haratunian: Duduk, Zurna and Clarinet

    Andre Harutyunyan: multi-percussionist

    Dimitrius Mahlis: guitar and bouzouki

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    Now I See by Sharon Jones&Dap-Kings

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    Un año de amor by Tarantella

    On my way from Munich to Vienna, despite the annoying performance of the WIFI, I have been trying to be patient enough to upload a song. However, on the buses I have always found unnecessary to have an access to Internet. One should either sleep or watch what is moving around. On the way one should feel moving from one city to another, from one town to another, from one village to another… Does the Internet make one to feel the trip shorter in time? 

    Let’s turn back to our piece of work:

    "Born in the depressive life the Colorado in the US, flying over the cold water of the ocean we find a place to live around Spain and sometimes we find ourselves even in Greece via France. That may be a summary of the music of Tarantella…"

    “TARANTELLA was founded at the dawn of the New Millennium, when singer Kal Cahoone, approached multi-instrumentalist John Rumley after a show with Slim Cessna’s Auto Club. Fresh from Argentina (and a musical/romantic collaboration with musician/composer Christian Basso), she was desperate to start a band, and found herself drawn to Rumley’s talent and style. So she gave him a demo-tape. John liked the songs, and was inspired to write some new ones. All they needed was a band! …. John recruited Slim Cessna band-mates Daniel Grandbois and Ordy Garrison (now of Wovenhand). Next, Kal and John spotted Kelly O’Dea fiddling away with Maraca 5-0 and decided she would be a good addition to the band. Finally, John wanted Denver legend Bob Ferbrache (Absinthe Studios, Blood Axis) to complete the band. Eventually, Chadzilla took over on drums. ….”


    Kal Cahoone - Vocals, accordion ..

    John Rumley - Keyboard, Banjo, Guitars, Vocals ..

    Bob Ferbrache - Guitars, Keyboard ..

    Kelly O’Dea - Violin ..

    Chadzilla - Drums, Percussion ..

    Daniel Grandbois - Bass, Vocals 

     Un año de amor

    Lo nuestro se acabó
    Y te arrepentirás, de haberlo puesto fin
    A un año de amor
    Si ahora tú te vas
    Pronto descubrirás
    Que los dias son eternos y vacíos sin mi

    Y de noche, y de noche
    Por no sentirte solo
    Recordarás, nuestros días felices
    Recordarás, el sabor de mis besos
    Y entenderás, en un solo momento
    Que significa un año de amor

    Te has parado a pensar
    Lo que sucederá
    Todo lo que perdemos
    Y lo que sufrirás
    Si ahora tú te vas
    No recuperarás
    Los momentos felices que te hice vivir

    Y de noche, y de noche
    Por no sentirte solo
    Recordarás, nuestros días felices
    Recordarás, el sabor de mis besos
    Y entenderás, en un solo momento
    Que significa un año de amor

    Y entenderás en un solo momento
    que significa un año de amor

  8. My last translation on Ezra Pound was published in the mid of July, 2014.

    Cover of the book and some other photos…

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    Epic by Calexico

    This band will always be one of my favourites.

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    Black Venom by The Budos Band

    This is a very nice one for my return. I am now a married man. 

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    Historia De Una Amor by Eddie Higgins Trio

    (Source: metaphorformetaphor)

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    Breathe In by Emil Brandqvist Trio & Sjoströmska String Quartet 

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    It is not meant to be by Tame Impala

    I am now (probably) flying over Turkey, from western coast to northern coast. 

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    Rocksteady by Aretha Franklin 

    I have amazing ideas on re-building my bike. Photos will follow starting from  my wedding and the honeymoon ;)

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    Take me with you by Morphine